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The simple way to create shareable, personalised videos

Cut through the noise and engage your members on a personal level, with simple 20-second videos they’ll remember and share.

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Social Pops works without sharing first-party data, meaning it’s GDPR compliant – and it works with any CRM system.



Tried and tested with some of the world’s biggest membership organisations. All data stored is 100% safe and secure.


Highly social

Social Pops videos are made for sharing. Celebrating your members, and boosting your brand awareness, as well as your organic reach.



At 20 seconds, Social Pops videos are bitesized. Short on time, high on engagement.


CIPD personalised videos celebrate their member’s achievements and qualifications. This in turn builds valuable member relationships, while boosting positive awareness around the organisation and brand.

Videos so far have celebrated two different stages of CPD for CIPD’s members.

11,000 videos
To date we have created more than 11,000 videos for CIPD.

73% open rate
Open rate for the member emails delivering their personalised video is 73% – 3x industry average.


For ACCA members, becoming a Fellow is a proud moment. It reflects years of hard work – and it comes with shiny new set of letters: FCCA.

New Fellows receive certificates, but Social Pops videos provide an opportunity for immediate recognition, and something to share with their networks online, using #ACCAFellow.

Fellows love sharing their videos on LinkedIn, offering a fun, simple and incredible effective way of recognising member success. Meanwhile, the organisation is associated with proudly recognising its members, and gains organic reach.

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And much, much more…

Social Pops personalised videos are flexible and simple.

From qualification celebration, to member welcome explaining benefits. From member retention to celebrating anniversaries, or to recognise signing up for an event – personalised videos build relationships.

A simple, cost-effective and quick way to engage your members and build loyalty.

100,000 +

Videos created to date, and counting

20 x

Video posts on LinkedIn are shared 20x more than other content formats

73 %

Experience 73% email open rate, against 22% industry average

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Getting going is simple

Talk to the team today, and see how personalised videos can engage, retain and grow your members.

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