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Case study

CIPD celebrating their member’s achievements

  • 15 May, 2024
  • Reading time: 5 mins
CIPD Campaign

11,000 videos

To date we have created more than 11,000 videos for CIPD.



Email open rate of 73%, against 22% industry average.

CIPD use Social Pops personalised videos to celebrate their member’s achievements and qualifications. This in turn builds valuable member relationships, all while boosting positive awareness around the organisation and brand.

Videos so far have celebrated two different stages of CPD for CIPD’s members: Student to CIPD Foundation Member, and Student to Associate Member.

"We’ve been using Social Pops for over a year to celebrate our members’ achievements. With many members sharing their personalised social pop on their LinkedIn profile, we can safely say they’re a great way to delight customers and encourage sharing."

Anna Maria Itsiou CIPD
CIPD Campaign